Common Opener Issues and Their Solutions

Common Opener Issues and Their Solutions

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Life is easy when you simply have to push the button on the garage opener remote to open and close the door. But no one is perfectly safe from trouble. This is true even for those homeowners who are meticulous when it comes to maintenance. The good news is that it is easy to recognize the problems when they appear and their causes too. Learn how to do this to ensure that you will deal with them properly and on time.Common Opener Issues and Their Solutions

Discovering What Is Wrong with Your Garage Door Opener

When the motor runs, but the device does not move the door at all, there are several possible causes of the problem. The most likely one is a broken garage door spring. The component has to be replaced with a new one for the opener to run normally again. Alternatively, the issue could be with one of the parts connecting the device to the door. It could be damaged or broken. The issue could be due to broken moving gear inside the motor unit. In this case, the drive chain or belt will not move at all. It is crucial that you do not run the device with a broken component as this may cause further damage.

When you press the button on the garage door clicker, the opener does not start working at all. In this case, you should go to the wall-mounted button and try to operate the device with it. If the unit starts working, then the issue is with the clicker. Replace the batteries of the remote and clean the cap of the infrared unit with soft cloth. If these measures do not work, you should have the remote fixed or replaced. If the operator does not work with the wall button either, the issue may be with the receiver, motor or circuit board. You should opt for garage door opener repair right away.

The device opens the door as it should, but it cannot close it. In this case, the issue most certainly lies with the safety sensors. Check to see if they are obstructed by some object and take a look at their powering as well. Clean them properly and align them to face each other. If the sensors are clean and properly aligned and powered, but do not work, they have most likely failed and have to be replaced. You must not operate the door with the opener before the garage door sensors replacement to avoid an accident.

When the door is lowered too far or not sufficiently to touch the floor, this is most likely due to improperly set travel limits and force. The settings have to be adjusted correctly through a process of trial and error. Alternatively, there could be too little or too much tension in the torsion spring. In either case, it has to be fixed right away.

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