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Find out why garage door repair parts must be chosen based on the weight of the door and in different sizes.

Importance of professional garage door installation

Although you may know how to install a garage door, there is no way you can be assured that it will work properly. Our pros warn home owners against doing installation on their own. Roll up doors installed incorrectly can come crashing down and cause damage to property or even life. So always seek professional help.

Lighting in garage doors

Most garage door systems have a lighting system that is automatically activated when the door is in motion. If this does not happen then it is better to install a motion-sensitive lighting system that turns on the light automatically when the door is opened or closing.

Dealing with branded garage door openers

When troubleshooting electric garage door openers, our garage door specialists suggest that you refer to their respective manuals. Different garage door openers from different brands, from Liftmaster to Genie and Chamberlain, have different troubleshooting methods. To be safe, don’t assume that they are similar in most aspects.

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