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What type of lubricant should I use and where?

Our professionals recommend using non-silicon based lubricant for the door's hinges, springs and bearings. While you are lubricating the bearings ensure that the oil does not touch the rollers. The roller tracks should not be lubricated as the door tends to slip.

How can I ensure that the opener motor will last long?

It's always a good idea to refer to the owner's manual for any instructions relating to maintenance. Always ensure that the motor is dust and dirt free as they tend to overheat if dust accumulates on them and this eventually decreases their longevity.

Why is my garage door making a lot of noise and heavy to lift?

Garage doors do not require too much effort to open. If it becomes too heavy to lift, the springs probably need to be replaced. Our door experts in Holiday recommend that you contact our trained service technician to repair the door.

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