Fixes for Noisy Garage Door

Fixes for Noisy Garage Door

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It is a fact that automatic garage doors are not the quietest systems in the world. However, sometimes the noise can get much louder than usual and much more annoying. When the door sounds different, this is usually a sign of trouble. You should check what is wrong and resolve the problem quickly. The advice shared below will help you with this.

The Best Solutions for Quiet Operation

If there are loud squeaky sounds during the opening and closing of the door, you should check the hinges and rollers. Look closely at the cylinders that house the rollers if they are thin and oval rather than round, the hinges have to be replaced. If the parts are in good condition, they make squeaky sounds because they are dry. Apply light non-sticky lubricant to them. Make sure that the layer is thin. Run the door through one opening and closing cycle to ensure that the lubricant is properly spread. Keep in mind that if the rollers have nylon wheels, they do not require lubrication.Fixes for Noisy Garage Door

Scraping sounds are less common. They usually occur due to frayed lift cables. Check the condition of these components. Inspect them from the top to the very bottom. If they are frayed and/or have tiny cuts, they should be replaced right away. It is important to note that cables should not be lubricated.

It is possible for the door to produce scraping sounds if the track is misaligned or bent. This will be the result of the friction between the walls and the wheels. When the misalignment or bending is severe, the door may even get stuck in place or reverse. It is fairly easy to adjust misaligned sections. You simply need to adjust the sections into place and tighten the bolts of the brackets. If there are damaged bolts or brackets, they have to be replaced straight away. In case of bent track, immediate repair is required. If the problem is not resolved on time, the bending will become worse and the component will eventually break.

In some cases, the garage door opener is to blame for the strange and annoying sounds. If you have a chain or screw drive system, the noise may come from the metal chain or rod respectively. This issue is not very common. The good news is that it is easy to fix. With proper lubrication of the chain or rod, the system will operate smoothly once again. Less often, the motor unit may produce grinding sounds. This is an indication that the moving gear inside the unit has broken. The broken component has to be replaced right away. Let us repair your opener professionally and quickly.

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